Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Collection of Hilarious European Signs

So Europe has some of the most hilarious signs that I have ever seen. The pictures that are used are graphic and really silly.

In Ireland, it seems like there are problems with cars and water:

What an interesting combination for a garbage dispenser. Also any sign with butts in it is too good to be true:

Just our train station in Amsterdam...please try to sound out the second word:

Oh ya know just Heinekin ads:

Please look at the written rules and the accompanying pictures (no injections):

Give it up for being in Dublin on St. Patty's Day!

Oh and the Europeans are OBSESSED with anti-dog poop signs, it is apparently a significant offense to leave poop lying around (a £1900 fine):

Oh ya know, just a cute little dog poop box:

And my favorite dog poop sign so far:it depicts actual dog poop, includes a warning label, a witty slogan, and a £3000 fine for unscooped poop:

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